Norm Short

Norm Short

    Good morning! You can catch me on Sunday mornings at dawn’s early light from 6 to 6:30am. I have always been a morning person so it works out well for me. I host “In Touch with Delmarva”, it’s about community events and more, covering everything from Astronauts to the Zwaanendael Museum. Tune in to see just what is going on and find out how you can be a part of the show. You can also catch the In Touch with Delmarva podcast on I also tell a joke or 2 so consider that a heads up.

    You can also catch “In Touch with Delmarva” on our sister stations Eagle 97.7 and Cool 101.3.

    I was born in Dover and have lived in Harrington my whole life, well at least the part up ’til now.

    Like the farmer who fell off the wagon, I’m gonna hit the road. We are approaching show 1000 …who knew! Until next Sunday take care.

    Thanks for listening; Norm