Listen on your Amazon Echo Device

Listening to 97.1 The Wave on your Amazon Echo devices is easy thanks to Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant.  All you have to do is ask for us by name!

First, you’ll need to enable the 97.1 The Wave skill.  Search for it in your Alexa app, or click here to go directly to it on the Amazon website.  Alternatively, you can also say, “Alexa, enable 97 1 The Wave skill” to have Alexa enable it for you.

Once the skill is enabled, simply say, “Alexa, open 97 1 The Wave.”  That’s right – say our name the same way we say it on the air: “Ninety-Seven One The Wave.”  In seconds, Alexa will connect you to our online stream to listen to Your Beach Station wherever you are.

For more information on searching for and enabling skills, click here.